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1. Implementation of a Customized infrastructure
Many Service Providers do not have the ability to customize their infrastructure to meet the needs of the outsourced customer. They tend to force fit customer requirements into their current infrastructure to save costs. They may say you are getting dedicated focus when in fact you have been integrated with their other customers. Here in lies the problem. Every business has different requirements for post-sale support. Most require a customized approach which could require dedicated infrastructure. Choosing a partner that has the capability to set-up the customized infrastructure you require will be a key to successful outsourcing. This help to ensure a seamless transition with your end customers and focus on your business.

2. Ability to transfer employees
One of the most difficult issues faced in the outsourcing process is how to handle the employees affected by the decision. The ability to provide employment options to displaced employees could be critical in the decision-making process. Many Service providers will not consider options to take on these displaced employees.  They are more interested in utilizing their current infrastructure and assets. However, providers that offer customized agreements will consider taking on a customer’s employees. They consider this an advantage to them related to training and implementation time. 

3. Coordinated Information systems
There are many cloud-based Maintenance Management systems (MMS) being used to document and manage Service activities in business today. Some companies use customized MMS systems focused on their unique requirements. The ability to interface with a Service Provider’s MMS system will help provide timely information sharing and transfer. Choose a partner that is willing and able to provide an IT solution customized to your requirements. Ensure sure security protection is in place to protect your data and information. Very few IT solutions are “one size fits all”.  Customization and a flexible approach will make the transition easier.   

4. Customized Communication Processes
The ability to implement customized communication processes are essential to a successful outsourcing partnership. Many Service Providers are limited to communication processes that already exist within their business. Utilizing a provider that is will to establish a formal communication process, including establishing a private online Knowledge Base for your information, preferred. Where appropriate, this information should be capable of being distributed to service personnel in real time. Ensure your provider offers dedicated communication options for technical support, service dispatch and work event status. Work Order forms should be customized to reflect branding needs, while dash board matrices should be customized to accommodate required reporting and tracking. 

5. Focus on critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
Customized Service agreements focus on the critical and specific measures needed for operational success. Many Service Providers either don’t use, or are unfamiliar with, the key metrics needed to measure true service performance. Metrics should be designed for each specific partnership and used to establish Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). Regular dialogue should occur related to the metrics with a Continuous Improvement plan established for each.

Choose a Service Provider with the knowledge and ability to customize your KPI’s. Measuring performance is critical to maintaining a BIC Service operation.

Advantages of Customized Outsourcing Service Arrangements

The decision to outsource all or part of your Post Sale Support operations can be difficult and conflicting. Traditionally, organizations have considered outsourcing as a last resort option.  There is a perception of risk with loss of quality, brand and customer control. For those who have elected to utilize outside support, choosing the right Service Provider will be critical for success and ease many fears in the outsourcing decision. Ensure the provider has an experienced management team that has implemented and directed Best in Class (BIC) service operations. In addition, selecting a partner that offers customized and flexible agreements will help ensure success. Here we will examine the importance of customized outsourced agreements and the (5) key advantages they provide.