Customer Service Drives Customer Loyalty

Posted on February 25, 2020

Business process doesn’t end after the customer purchases a product or a service. Every organization wants their customer’s loyalty. In a world where your competitors are rapidly approaching, customer Loyalty is the new marketing strategy.


  1. Referral Business – 87% of customers are likely to share their positive experience with their connections.
  2. Return business / repeat purchase. – When customers feel taken care of, they are more like to repeat purchase. Studies shown that it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than keep an old one.
  3. Less Marketing – Companies spend less time and effort finding new customers.


How we can drive customer loyalty?

Great Customer Service

Is customer service really worth the effort? Is hiring the right people to handle your customers really a need? It may seem a simple question but majority of companies struggle with this question as post-sale support is often considered none strategic and a cost center.

Many customers agree that high-quality customer service drives customer loyalty. Bad customer service drives customers away. The worst part: You may not know how much of an impact your poor quality of service is having before it’s too late. The quality of service has a great impact on how customers feel towards your company.

Basically, customer service is an organization to supply customer’s wants and/or needs. But this definition leaves out the nature of customer service, and it’s this aspect that drives customer loyalty.

But for businesses, the more useful meaning of customer service is the ability to satisfy customers. Only satisfied customers have the potential to become loyal customers.

For small businesses, good customer service can be a differentiator and provides brand loyalty among big competitors.

How we can use customer service to build brand loyalty.

  1. Personalized Customer Experience – Customers love personalization. It makes them feel valued and important. By designing a more customized experience for your buyers, you will earn their trust, respect and loyalty
  2. Treat your employees as your first customers – Unhappy employees can’t make happy customers. Business success starts with the employee experience. When employees are happy, they will create a remarkable experience for your customers. They are your greatest brand advocates.
  3. Hiring the right people to face customers. – Your company’s customer service team has the power to make or break you. Having the right people on board to deliver on customer expectations is the first step towards delivering outstanding customer service at your business.
  4. Create a loyalty program – Rewards can make loyal customers feel like VIPs. It provides motivation for them to buy more.


“Customer loyalty exists when a customer chooses to do business with a company even when a less expensive, more convenient, or higher quality alternative is available somewhere else,” according to the National Business Research Institute.

Customer loyalty and improving it over time is one of the most significant things to grow your business. It is the key that ramps up customer growth, spreads word of mouth and increases you brand value.

Great service will prevent customers from leaving. By listening to what customers want and making it easier for them by being proactive, your team will be the driving force behind your customer’s loyalty.

Customer loyalty is an indicator of your business success. When outsourcing customer support, choosing the right partner is the key to success! At COVUE, customizing and delivering customer service for OEMs is our focus. From Pre-Market entry to Post-sales support, we are dedicated to deliver not just great customer service but also to deliver customer centric product support. Our ability to listen to the end customer and articulate their needs to our OEM clients from the field is what makes us stand beyond our competitors.